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12 Inch Saute Pan Nonstick With Lid

The 12 inch cast iron skillet is perfect for frying or sauteing. It has a deep sides and a slotted spoon feature for easy removal. The handle is covered in enamel and the pan has a compliance mark of 100. The top has a drain hole and a removable lintless filter. The pan is covered in small steam traps and has a safety catch. The pan is left handed or right hand- controls like how a remote control. The pan comes with a 20-year warranty.

Top 12 Inch Saute Pan Nonstick With Lid Reviews

This 12 inch saute pan covered with templed glass lid is the big 5 quart fry pan. It is great for high heat frying and can do jobs like deep frying that regular fry pans can't do. It is also great for other thickenings like olive oil and flour.
this 12 inch saute pan is a big 5 quart fry pan that has a tempered glass lid. It is nonstick and has a grip and body. The bottom of the pan is covered in a thin layer of and it is big enough to do great things like frying. The top of the pan is also covered in thin layer and it is great for stirring things around. This pan is perfect for a big fryer or stovetop.
the scanpan 12 inch saute pan is a great choice for those who love the classic saute pan design. This pan is made from titanium classic anodized aluminum material. It has a nonstick surface and is lid-sealed. This pan comes with a clothholder and it can be used for major comminute with other kitchen equipment.